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Aquarius Inflatables

Aquarius Inflatables boat manufacture

AQUARIUS has been manufacturing top quality inflatable boats for leisure and racing in South Africa since 1989. 

We are committed to continuous product improvement in quality and design.  Only the best local and imported materials are utilised in the construction of our inflatable craft.  Precision design and manufacturing, without compromise, ensures strength, durability, and performance in all our products.  Ongoing research and development and continuous testing under offshore, flat water and racing conditions ensure that you, the boating enthusiast, receives the very best in technology, performance and quality.  The Aquarius range of boats has been designed to cater for the needs of the family man, divers, fishermen and professional racers.

Our boats are manufactured from imported German VALMEX fabric using the latest thermo-welding technology.  Our technical back-up and guarantee will assure you of a solid investment. Our GRP (fibreglass) components are manufactured in-house to ensure a constant quality.

We offer a 3 year warranty on workmanship and materials used.

AQUARIUS has been at the forefront of inflatable race boat technology and has won most of the major titles in South Africa, the home of the "Sport".  Racing began in South Africa in the early 80's when local crews raced inflatable boats down treacherous rivers and along rugged coastline.  Since the days of those extreme thrill seeking pioneers, inflatable boat technology has come a long way.

"We are continuously striving and challenging the extreme to bring to you, the boating enthusiast, the best technology can offer."



AQUARIUS boats have won more World Championships than all other manufacturers combined.

2005    Stefan Lindeque and Danny Havenga

2006    Stefan Lindeque and Danny Havenga

2007    Stefan Lindeque and Danny Havenga

2009    Dylan Cloete and Lyndon Collins

2012    Roland Sjogren and Erik Stark

England World champs. 2013 P750 Stock class. Pilot: Chad Romans Co-Pilot: Kyle Kumm

Malta World Champs. 2015 P750 Stock class. Pilot: Chad Romans
Co-Pilot: Kyle Kumm

France World Champs. 2018 P750 Modified class. Pilot: Chad Romans Co-Pilot: Candice Hatting

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