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In a Longhaul event the following safety equipment is the minimum requirement and must be carried at all times. All equipment should be clearly marked with the boat number. The advance race instructions must state what equipment is required depending on the type of Longhaul including the option to allow props and other maintenance equipment on the boat. All equipment including water must come back complete.


Circuit Longhauls: Toolkit – flip kit with a minimum of: (all to be kept in a dry sealed container).


Easy start spray (or similar product)

Number 7 flexible socket

3 x dry spark plugs

Spark plug spanner and Phillips screwdriver

VHF radio or mobile phone in waterproof case – fully charged

First Aid kit


Paddles x 2 (two) attached to the boat

5lt spare fuel with additional working fuel line

Emergency water 2lt and 2 x energy bars (glucose or similar), these must come back still sealed and not opened – they are only as an emergency.

Ultra Longhauls: The organizers may require competitors to carry the above plus any of the following:

Pencil flares x 6 (in date)

1 m x 3 m ID sheet for boats whose pontoons are not red, yellow or orange in colour,

Anchor 1.5 kg with chain 2 m (min 4 mm thick) and anchor rope x 30 m

a drogue anchor

space blankets x 2

1000ft flares x 2

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